Did You Know About the Top Weirdest Food of All Time?

Top Weirdest Foods

Let us take a look at the Top Weirdest Food around the world, which humans have as a part of a regular meal. We love food- the world is not full of tasty meals. The list given here will make it clearer to you. Read on to educate yourself about these strange foods from over the world so that the next time you visit this place and come across such a dish, you won’t be shocked. 

It’s time to take a trip around the world and delve into all the weird foods our species like to chow down. Unfortunately, the world isn’t only full of those tasty breakfasts we spoilt you with a while back – if only. Consider this a public service and an education to save you from shock when you come across these, the 50 weirdest foods from around the world.

Tuna Eyeballs

Tuna eyeball: top weirdest food

Tuna eyeballs are actually the eyeballs of the tuna fish. Though it is not famous around the world it is a delicacy in china and japan. It tastes kind of similar to a squid or octopus. It has a fat-rich flavor which many adventurous eaters would love to have. You simply need to boil it and season it before you consume it. 

Hakarl (Rotten Shark)

Hakarl: The most weird food

Hakarl is another in the list of Top Weirdest Food from Iceland. It is basically the carcass of Greenland shark which is buried underground and pressed with stones so that the poison spreads out. , it is hung for drying and then it is sliced. Once tasted by a traveler, he stated that it was the worst and disgusting kind of food he had ever tried in his life. The texture is like cheese. But most people agreed that the after taste lingers for a long time and it is the most disgusting thing ever!

Century Egg (Rotten Egg in China)

Century egg of china

Also known as fermented egg or 1000-year-old egg this one is basically preserved in clay, ash and quickly. After a few, the egg yolk turns dark gree or black. The white portion of the egg turns brown like jelly. It smells like sulfur and ammonia. The flavors are kind of extreme compared to the regular boiled eggs. 

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Wasp Biscuits (Biscuits with wasp )

Wasp biscuits top weirdest food

Yeah, you are right. This is kind of a cookie which is made of wasps—heard of chocolate cookies? Quite similar. Except that you would crunch on wasps instead of choco chips. This is quite an unusual kind of snack famous in Japan. The wasps after caught are boiled and then sprinkled over the cracker mix. The taste of such wasps is some sort of meaty, almost like a shrimp. 

Witchetty Grub (Larvae of a moth)

witchetty grub in Australia

The witchetty grub from Australia is basically the larvae of a moth that feeds on the roots of witchetty bush. It is a staple food of the indigenous Australians from the desert. It can be consumed raw or lightly cooked. The skin turns a bit crispy like roasted chicken once cooked. The inside is much like scrambled eggs. 

Beondegi (Silkworm Pupae)

silkworm pupae - the most disgusting food

A famous Korean street food – The silkworm pupae are slightly boiled or steamed and then seasoned. It is a very popular snack and can be easily found in all grocery stores. It tastes like wood or nut.  The outer shell is crunchy and the inner part is juicy and chewy. 

Bird’s Nest Soup (Made of the saliva of a bird)

Bird's Nest Soup- A Weird Traditional Choice

The delicacy is quite famous in southeastern Asia. It is actually made of the nest of a bird known as “swiftlet bird”. This bird makes its nest out of its gummy saliva which turns hard due to the air. Found in high cliffs the harvesting business is life risky. Chinese are said to eat birds nest as well. They consider it to be good for the skin. However, we are yet to find out if this one’s worth giving a shot.

Balut (Steamed duck embryo)


A duck embryo that is boiled alive is a common food in the streets of Philipinnes. It looks disgusting. The thing is eaten directly from the shell. It tastes somewhat like scrambled eggs but with a slight fish-like smell. I found this to be one of the worst ones in the list of Top Weirdest Food.

Ying Yang Fish (Fish fried and eaten while still alive)

Ying Yang Fish

Not that it might taste horrible but even the sight of someone having a fish struggling to live is unbearable. The fish is deep-fried even after which it remains alive. The body is cooked while the head is wrapped in a wet cloth to keep it alive. The fish is covered in sauce and then served. 

Sannakji (Raw octopus tentacles)

Sanakji-A weird food

It is said to be one of the most disgusting and cruel dishes of all time. The tentacles of a baby octopus are chopped and served to people. It is a deadly food as it can choke and kill the consumer. People consume it raw while it is still wriggling on the plate. 


Dog Meat - The Most Weird Food

While dogs are said to be faithful animals and are kept as pets in most parts of the world it is hard to believe that it is consumed in many places such as Vietnam, Korea, and China. The dish is very famous in Vietnam as much as there are incidents of family pets being stolen.

I hope you enjoyed the list of the top weirdest food in the entire world. Well, I do agree that you might find some of these disgusting. But, would some of you still wanna try some weird foods like this? Comment and let me know about some weird foods that you have tried before.

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