Top Programming Language 2020 That are in Demand

Today we are going to discuss the top programming language 2020. In today’s world investing in self-improvement is very much important and the most important skill is to know how to write a programming language. 

When you are looking for your job in IT companies, it’s important to know what’s in demand.  There are over 700 programming languages, perceptive which programming skills employers are looking for allows you to join the company.

So, which programming language should you learn? You need to keep yourself updated and so you must know the top programming language 2020. It will be profitable for both, the developers and business owners. 

To ease your quest here is a list of best programming language 2020 which assists you to create money from zero to 6-figure per year.



Undoubtedly in 2020, Python is the top programming language to learn first. Python programming language provides much library support and has a large developer community. The language is utilized for making various types of utilizations including versatile web arrangements because of its qualities, for example, simple to-utilize simple to-send, and speediness which made it the correct tech stack for YouTube, Survey Monkey, and Pinterest. 


  • Provide broad library support
  • Creating classes and objects is easy by OOP characteristics.
  • Very easy for newbie and learn it.
  • Can scale even the most puzzling applications


  • Not useful for mobile computing
  • Python speed is slower than C or C++
  • Runtime Errors
  • It has limitation with database access



Java is another well-known decision in enormous associations and it has remained so for quite a long time. This is one of the best programming language and is broadly utilized for building endeavor scale web applications. 

Java is the language that you should definitely learn if you are looking for a development based job at a large organization because in 2020 all startup or any giant company needs an android application. Almost any business today needs an Android application. This opens up a tremendous open door for Java developers given the way that Google has made an astounding Java-based Android improvement system – Android Studio.


  • It has the stack distribution framework
  • It support multithreading
  • Small footprint
  • Compact programs & Network routine


  • The language is interpreted
  • Expensive memory management 
  • History of security vulnerabilities



When it comes to front end development there can be no better option than JavaScript. It is generally used to plan intuitive frontend applications. Thus, it is a language that was inspired by Java and is perfect for the front end.

The programming language which was holding the principal position in the 10 most sought after programming dialects list a year ago, has encountered a decrease in its positioning.

Be that as it may, it is as yet considered as one of the programming dialects for both frontend and backend benefits in the portable industry. So, it’s ready to run in programs and make them intelligent. It can likewise be utilized to alter HTML and CSS, making it one of the center dialects of the web. Its snappy speed implies that it doesn’t need to be gathered on the customer side.


  • Speed 
  • Reduce Website Server Load
  • Used for building-wide range of applications
  • Highly versatile
  • It works faster on Client-side
  • Rich interface


  • Lack of debugging facility
  • Rendering Stopped
  • Absence of copy
  • Allow only single inheritance
  • Client-side Security



MATLAB, the exclusive language of MathWorks, has additionally arrived into the coding dialects list for 2020. It is a statistical analysis tool that is used in different ventures for Data Analysis. In Computer Vision and Image processing industry, MATLAB is widely used.


  • Platform-independent
  • High coding efficiency
  • It doesn’t require a compiler for execution
  • Data visualization
  • Great IDE for general research
  • Built-in profiling tools


  • Require license
  • Slow for general computers
  • Limited parallel computing and GPU support

Amidst the pandemic, it is a great time to groom up yourself for the upcoming days. If you love coding or you are still planning to learn one then try choosing one of these top programming language 2020.

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