Top Micro Niche Ideas For Your Website That Can Help You Earn Dollars

Top micro niches

Today I am talking about Top micro niche ideas. If you have been trying to earn through blogging for a long while but could not make a good amount then it is time you start something different. A micro niche is one popular topic which bloggers should be aware of. 

Micro niche basically means those topics that would drive high traffic to your site. The main reason for this is the topic that you will write on will be unique and less talked about. So, basically you need to find such topics that are unique and less known by people. The other best thing about this is that you do not have to write any content by yourself. Most of the information is to be taken from the official website. Apart from that, you do not need to do SEO or do a minimum amount of SEO. 

Now, today I am going to list out some of the top blogging micro-niche ideas that you can try for sure.

Railway Status

We all travel quite often and looking for PNR status is a very common thing to do. So, this can be your topic. Simply buy a domain and develop a website for checking the PNR status. It won’t look exactly like a blog. As you will have to add the interface to check the PNR status so the overall structure might be a bit different. You might just need some help trying to figure out the design or implementation of the forms. If you are planning to make money by blogging then this is a great idea. But, otherwise, it would be with the try and investment. Every other ay millions of people look up to the internet to track their PNR status. When you buy the domain make sure that the domain name includes the term “pnr”. If it does chances are high that your website will rank easily on google.

Govt Jobs

You must have seen those portals where you will find notifications about government jobs. Most of these websites have the term govt, Sarkari, Naukri words in their domain name. So, basically these websites provide you with all the latest notifications on the upcoming government jobs. A major number of students prepare for government jobs and most of them follow various websites to be aware of the different job posts. Almost every month and atleast once a year the top government services such as BANK IBPS, SSC, WBCS, UPSC recruit people. If you can make a website based on this niche you will be focussing on one particular kind of audience. Try not to copy any content from any other website. Instead, you should always try referring to the official website for all original documents. 

Website to Download Music

You can make a website where people can download various mp3 songs. Along with the particular song add the lyrics as well. Netizens often search about songs and lyrics of different latest songs. There is always a huge demand for the lyrics of upcoming and even famous songs. Whenever a new Bollywood song is released there is a rush to download the website. Also, if the song is famous people will be looking for lyrics. If you can provide lyrics of such songs then you won’t believe how much traffic you can generate. 

The organic traffic that you will be getting will be in lakhs. You will easily earn money without having to invest anything at all. Try covering lyrics and songs of various languages. That will help you be a step ahead of others. 

Coupon Websites

There are a huge number of eCommerce platforms on the internet. Every day visitors are looking for new deals and coupons before purchasing anything. Each of these websites has trafficked in millions. Buyers from all over the world keep looking for coupons here and there to know more about coupons and the best deals. A bit of SEO is needed in this case. It is very easy to get content online. The most beneficial thing is “Affiliate marketing”. Every merchant comes up with new products and deals and coupons based on the products. So if you can do affiliate marketing then you will surely earn a lot.

News Website

Every Indian spends a considerable amount of time checking news updates on a regular basis. Whether on TV, radio or internet news is in demand every day. Every time a new update comes up it is telecasted immediately. If you can develop a news website you will get to earn a lot. There is no problem in looking for content as everything is available online. You simply need to check the content in any news portal, take the info and just use it on your website. Not only the average Indian population but even those students who are preparing for government examinations are constantly checking for online news updates. 

These were the Top micro niche ideas on which you can earn in dollars. I hope you like these. You can totally trust these micro niche blogging ideas. So what are you waiting for? Start your blog today and get a breakthrough in your career. 

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