Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19

Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19

The COVID 19 pandemic has pushed the entire nation to the edge. Amidst this, career post COVID-19 is a matter of concern. Due to the pandemic, people are forced to stay back at home. To maintain social distancing, all public places, including offices and educational institutions, have been closed down.

With the shut down of office spaces, it has become mandatory to work from home. Due to the current situation, people ave realized the importance of technology. We can finally understand that, after all, it is beneficial for us to be tech-savvy. Even aged people are learning to cope up with the advancements in technology. It is a requirement for us to get used to devices such as mobiles and computers.  

Technology has made it possible to be in contact, even while staying at home. It has made it possible to continue teaching through online platforms. The government is capable of calculating the risks, measuring the no of cases, and others using tech concepts. In a way, the pandemic has shown us hoe advanced we are, what we are capable of doing, and how far we need to improve or grow when it comes to technology. 

Career Post Covid-19

Some applications, such as cloud-based platforms, online portals, entertainment channels, cybersecurity websites, and other similar ones, are finding a lot of applications. The pandemic has somehow triggered a need for a digital revolution.

As a result, we can talk about five such skills, which can provide a significant number of job opportunities post COVID-19

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

IT infrastructure has, by far, been dependent on cloud services. It has increased slowly. But due to the present pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the need for cloud-based services. As of now, more than 60 % of companies are planning to migrate to cloud-based services. The present situation of the pandemic has somehow accelerated this overall process. Now, there will be a sharp rise in the demand of cloud architects and admins who are experts in the field of cloud computing.

Data Analyst

 Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19 Data Analyst

Due to the present pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in data usage across the world. Researches show that there has been around a 40 percent rise in the current year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a steady demand for data analysts and machine learning. However, the need for data usage has grown up, and along with it, there has been a rise in the number of data scientists and data engineers. 


Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19

Around 86 percent of professionals agree that the demand for security has risen. It is undeniable that the need for cybersecurity will continue growing, not just no, but even after the pandemic. Ethical hacking, cybersecurity are going to be some of the most demanding career post-COVID-19. We were never sure about how work from home would work. As of now, almost every working professional has got a taste of the work from home concept. Thus, it has been widely accepted, as well. So, we can expect the “remote working” culture to become a regular thing post-COVID. With more and more people surfing the net and relying on online resources, they need for secure channels is higher. The number of threats and security risks have increased a lot. With cybersecurity becoming more critical, there has been a further demand for security architects and ethical hackers. 

Business Analysts

Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19 - Business Analyst

With the closing down of institutions and offices, work and education are presently more dependent on online resources. Not just so, other sectors such as retail, healthcare, and IT are also shifting towards digitalization. As a result of this, the need for a Business Analyst has grown sharply. According to researches, it has been found that the demand for management and business analyst will rise to 15 % between the years 2020 and 2025. 

Digital Marketing

Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19 - Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing industry is doing well than ever. It has become a mainstream thing for business owners, big or small. The Marketing officers are trying to look after the marketing aspects, promote business, and drive ROI. As a result, there has been a higher demand for PPC, digital experts, content writers, SEO experts, and email marketing managers. If you are looking for digital marketing training then you can visit, they are one of the best training institutes for online Digital Marketing training.

Our world has shifted towards digitalization amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt career post COVID-19 is going to change. The shifting towards digitalization has accelerated presently. All job sectors have indeed been in turmoil recently. But, to keep up with the competition, every business is looking forward to digitalization. Not just big business owners but small ones as well. The sooner we adapt to the change, the better it is for us. 

We are rethinking about work, entertainment, leisure, socialization, and hygiene. Our lives are not the same anymore, nor will it be posted COVID-19. The sooner we get this clear and prepare ourselves for a post-COVID world, the better it is. However, the shift towards digitalization being too drastic; it has become difficult for us to keep up with the sudden change. Several jobs are at risk, and this is not going to end very soon. However, technology and digitalization being inter-dependent – the growth in this industry will accelerate. 

Author’s Message

Instead of worrying about the present or thinking about career post COVID-19, it is better to invest time in ourselves. Try to see the other aspect. For me, the lockdown has worked as a boon. I have tried to utilize every minute that I got to spare. It is the same for all of us. As we do not have to commute, we do not have social gatherings. We are saving a lot of time which we can invest in doing “something” productive. 

Now you need to decide what that “something” can be. As we talk about Career, the best option is to take up online courses and learn something new. You have already got an idea of what can be the next big thing. Instead of worrying about the job market or career post-COVID-19, spend as much time grooming yourself and gathering knowledge. You never know how well it might turn out for you post-pandemic

A wide range of jobs are at significant risk from the economic downturn we are entering, digital and tech jobs will continue to see the growth they have seen in the last two decades. This growth will accelerate. Getting skilled in these digital skills is one way to ensure that while you adapt to your life’s other changes, at least your Career is on a growth track and Future proof.

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