Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Vegetarian

Top 5 reasons why you should become vegetarian

While most of us love to have meat there are only a few vegetarian who love veggies equally. While it is more of a choice we should try to make it a necessity in our diet. Some people choose veg overtime for health benefits. In various cultures and religions, veg is the only option. There are others who oppose the killing of animals and hence turn out to be vegetarian.

So, today I am going to talk about some reasons as to why being a vegetarian can help you. 

Since time immemorial we have known how a plant-based diet can do wonders to us and to nature. If you are planning to change your diet it is better you do not rush through it. Keep it slow and try to bring a change in your diet over time. 

Let us talk about five reasons as to why you should go veg?

Will Help to Be on Shape

Well, yes the diet we follow is high in fats and a part of the diet consists of processed food. These are definitely not a part of a healthy diet. In fact, it results in an increase in calories which in turn can cause major ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Researches show that over time if a person follows a major veg diet then there will be considerable changes in weight over time. One can easily keep off an increase in weight by following a steady nutritious diet. 

You, Will, Feel the Energy

A lot of fat would hinder your regular activities. Too much fat can block the arteries and prevent you from breathing properly. Your muscles won’t get enough oxygen at all. A balanced veg diet can help slow down the process of tiredness and make you feel better each day. Do not worry if you cut down meat as fruits and vegetables are rich in carbohydrates and that is why you will have enough energy.  

Lowers Risk of Diabetes and Cancer

Choosing a diet that has a reduced or balanced level of sugar can help keep your diabetes o check. Low glycemic foods such as grains and legumes help to keep the blood sugar level controlled. Thus, the chances of developing diabetes over time will be reduced. While there are no cure for cancer and research is still going on. But, a number of researches have shown that vegetarian have slightly less risk of getting cancer compared to non-veg ones. Moreover, these days humans contract a number of diseases as they feed on animals. If you can cut off that from your diet there will be lower chances of you being affected by any of these. 

Promote Bone Health

Osteoporosis is a common problem in many countries. People who follow a healthy veg diet have fewer chances of osteoporosis or other bone-related problems. Overall a healthy balanced veg diet can help promote bone health. 

Veg is More Affordable

Well, yes that’s right. Did you know you can save around 4000 $ per year if you stop buying meat? No, that is not a less amount. Veg, if can help you save while making you stay fit and healthy then why not? 

Well, I am not saying you should give away h=consuming meat. But, you can definitely try replacing at least 50 % of your diet with veggies. Make a proper diet schedule and work it accordingly. Make sure you keep some days in a week fixed for “only veg” foods. 

That would be a great way to start it off slowly. If you have kids make it a habit to feed them veggies right from a young age. I believe it is more about developing a habit. 

Well, foodies do not worry as there is a couple of lip-smacking tasty dishes which you can enjoy as a vegetarian. Doesn’t seem convincing? Wait for my next blog where I will talk about some lip-smacking veg dishes that can do equal justice as meat.  

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