Southampton defeated Man City

Southampton defeated Man city by 1-0 on Sunday. Now Southampton is standing on the 13th position with 43 points , and Man City is leading the premier league table with 66 points at the 2nd position. The coach of Man City the legend Pep Guardiola said that it was a kind of “resume” for the Manchester City club. Throughout the whole match the over view of the game play of Man City was no doubt far more better than Southampton. There were 26 goal attempts , 74 per cent of accuracy , 13 corner shots , but they defeated surprisingly. According to the coach , the Man City needs to be improvised more. Though it wasn’t the same type of game play by Southampton FC , they got only two corners and 26 per cent of possession accuracy. But for a little mistake , C.Adams of Southampton kicked the ball into the opponent’s net when the time age of the match was only 16 min. It is undoubtedly a shocking lost for the Manchester City FC , the fans are quite frustrated for the result of the match. They are hoping about for aggressive come back with a new sprit from their favourite team , on the other side the Southampton FC will try to keep their form to step themselves up on to the top of the league board.

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