Should You Invest in Real Estate During the COVID Pandemic?

With the COVID 19 pandemic, the economy has been disrupted globally. However, the real estate sector has somewhat survived the situation. If you are wondering to invest in real estate during the pandemic.

As things turn out to be a bit stable the real estate market is once again emerging as the best investment option. Indians have considered buying a home as a matter of respect in society.

Real estate was not doing very well in India for the last few years. The main reason for this was the increase in equity markets, short returns, and the rise in home loan interests. During this time people found it easy to rent instead of buying a house. However, things have changed due to the present corona virus situation.

Why Investing in Real Estate is Good?

Its good to invest in Real Estate During the COVID Pandemic
  • For young people who are working and have started to build a stable career, it is a great secured investment. The feeling of owning a house is like a silver lining.
  • The decline in the equity market is adding to the interest of consumers to invest in the real estate sector.
  • Real estate is a much reliable form of investment. It is nothing like paper money. Its reliability and return on investment keep improving over time.

Why you should invest in real estate now?

Let us now talk about some reasons why you should invest in real estate in the mid of this corona virus pandemic.

  • It ensures security in the current scenario
ensures security to Invest in Real Estate During the COVID Pandemic

As per a research study, it has been found that people prefer having a physical asset during such times. With your home being the new office space this physical asset is far more alluring than anything else.

  • Value for Money
Value for Money

During such times real estate is a very safe option. It helps improve stability. Stocks are no more a great place for investment. No one is willing to invest in volatile instruments. Even those with fixed incomes have been shaken coz of the COVID situation. Once the economy is back and kicking again we can still expect a good recovery rate.

  • Wide Range of Discounts
Discounts in invest in Real Estate During the COVID Pandemic

To attract customers a huge number of developers are offering good offers, discounts, and even buying options. Promoters are trying to bring in more home buyers to invest and build their dream homes. These offers along with a sharp decline in interest rates have made the investment process much easier.

  • The decline in Home Loan Rates
The decline in Home Loan Rates

In the last 5 to 6 years the rate for home loans has been nearly the same. The current market condition is really good as the interest rate is very low now. The decline in the interest rate of the home loan after the COVID has worked as a trigger for buyers to invest in properties at this moment.  On top of that RBI has reduced the REPO rate that makes home loan even cheaper. In fact, the current situation is attracting more and more buyers from foreign.

No doubt we all want to have our dream house someday. But, if you have been planning about it for some time now then now is the right moment to make that investment.

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