Rise of Antibiotic Resistance might be a trouble

Antibiotic Resistance

It is not just the COVID – 19 pandemics that we should be worried about. The rise in antibiotic resistance is trouble and alarming. There has been an increase in the “superbugs” which is now quite difficult to treat without antibiotics.  

What’s the research about?

Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology has been working with researchers at IBM for quite a long time now. It has come up with a macromolecule plyer which has the potential to increase the effectiveness of any antibiotic by a significant amount. As a result, such antibiotics will be able to fight any kind of superbugs easily. 

What did they create?

According to a paper published by the Advanced Science, IBM researches mentioned that they have created a polymer which when combined in the course of an antibiotic course can be helpful to treat different kinds of infections. These, otherwise, are incapable of handling any kind of infection. 

How does this work?

The macromolecule attaches itself to certain enzymes. These enzymes are modified by bacteria once they react with antibiotics. As a result of the antibiotics, it is modified but not completely removed. 

This is exactly why we are asked to complete the entire prescribed course of antibiotics. If we do not do so then there might the chances of a rebound. It happens because in case the bacteria is not wiped out of the system a resistance might be developed and the same treatment won’t work again. 

The polymer developed helps to counter the effects of the antibiotic.  It works on the part where the antibiotic fails to work further. As a result of this, the overall efficacy is improved a number of times. 


Researches are still being held and requires a lot more development along with testing. A proper number of clinical trials anon human patients are needed to be done. Before using it in the real world these are required to be done. 

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