Python Sample Paper – Computer Science for CBSE- Class11

Python Practice Paper for Computer Science

Here we are listing some of the Python sample paper. Those who are preparing for Computer Science Examination 2020 can follow our site for class 11 study materials and practice papers for class 11

The computer sample paper for class 11 has 12 questions along with a marking scheme. The sample paper is available on CBSE guess and has been designed by Sunil Nehra. The Python sample paper has been prepared based on the latest syllabus of CBSE for computer science. The paper is designed based on the Unit Test Examination.

The sample paper for class 11 in Python has 12 questions in total. The questions prepared are based on the syllabus of computer science. 

Sample Paper – Computer Science – 1

Sample Paper – Computer Science – 2

Why should you solve the practice papers?

If you are preparing for the new syllabus of computer science 2020 then you must practice or look for ways to assess yourself. Based on the new syllabus of computer science Python has been included in the 2020 syllabus.

Once you have completed solving the practice papers check all the answers to analyze your preparation.  

Check our websites to find more sample paper and practice sets on computer science

Each of the papers has been designed and framed as per the CBSE guidelines. One needs to analyze the question paper and then start solving it as per the requirement. 

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