Did You Know About Multiverse and Parallel Universe?

Multiverse and Parallel Universe

Ever heard of “parallel universe” or “alternate universe”? According to science, it is possible that there be another universe just beside our own. It can be termed as “multiverse”. The concept of a parallel universe fascinates most of us. Do you think it can really exist? Some scientists believed that there is a probable chance of the existence of a parallel universe. So basically it is possible for an event to have multiple outcomes and these outcomes can be viewed in the parallel space. Perhaps, it might be possible for people to move from this universe to the parallel universe as it might be a better place. 

Let us have a look at some of the theories which say why the existence of a parallel universe is possible.

Infinite Universes

One of the concepts is of an infinite universe. In such a case there are two possibilities – A single universe may be completely infinite in size or it may have separate universes in a multiverse which can be infinite in number. For example, we can say our universe is infinite in case the galaxies and space would have no start or endpoint. 

Moreover, if the universe is infinite then it has been so forever. Saying that since its origin during Big Bang it has been getting less dense as it kept on expanding. 

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Daughter Universes

Multiple universes might just follow quantum theory. That means it might behave similarly to that of subatomic particles. As per the law of probability a particular event can have a number of outcomes. If we use this concept here that would mean that for a particular event in our life there can be a number of outcomes and each of these outcomes can occur in a different universe. For, example in one universe you might be planning to study masters in France while in other universe you might not consider taking up masters at all. 

Bubble Universe:

Another theory states about Bubble universe. As we know that our universe is expanding since Big Bang but there are other universes which might have stopped inflating. AGain there might be others which are still inflating. So, if you imagine our universe as a bubble then this one is sitting on top of other bubbles. That basically means other universes do exist but somehow they are not linked to us. 

Parallel Universes:

The parallel universe is the most commonly heard of. If we consider that space-time is flat then there can be almost an infinite number of possibilities. So each of these is like an infinite number of cosmic patches. The arrangement of particles in each of the patches is different in the least way possible. Thus it is possible to have multiple universes that are completely different from ours.

Mathematical Universes:

The concept of a mathematical universe is a “theory of everything”. It might be possible that our universe is all about maths. Every mathematical existence would have a physical one as well. So, humans can themselves be mathematical entities. There are other scientists who do not believe this as they think that it is possible for a universe to exist even if humans did not exist. 

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