Is it Good to be a Workaholic?

Is it Good to be a Workaholic

Workaholism is often seen in a negative way. Being a workaholic is far from what a random person would at all wish to be like. Seems like workaholics have a negative implication after all.

But, is it true? Well, no doubt people think so. But how about those who are workaholic? Ever tried confronting them?  

To be honest, I’m a workaholic and I am really not bothered about it. Neither do I feel sorry about it. Though at times it is my parents and friends who are far more worried about my health and the consequences of being workaholic. 

You must be thinking if I am a workaholic it is just working that I care about, that I don’t like socializing. But, it is not so. I have friends, family. I do spend time with them, love watching Netflix, love catching up with old friends, talking to new people, traveling, and exploring different cuisines. 

However, I am always hooked to the mail, I often work on weekends – though it doesn’t seem to be a good idea for some. 

Most of all I feel good about it. 

Why are workaholics looked down upon?

Basically working long hours can result in high levels of stress. With increased stress and an unhealthy work-life, there are higher chances of a decreased level of productivity over the days. People think workaholics do more than it’s needed. Worse, many feel workaholics are greedy and all they see is money. The financial outcome is the only thing that keeps them driving. 

But, I ask how do you define your need? You would work only that much as much to keep your body and soul together? Is that all? You see life is unpredictable. Till the time I am breathing there is a lot to do. Achievement does not come in a day and it needs a person to be creative and productive. To be creative and efficient you need to invest time in yourself. To be productive you might just have to work long hours. Talking about finances – given the situation in the world right now there is no way you can be happy with anything below six figures. I am not talking about luxury though. It’s good if you can afford a luxurious lifestyle. I know it ain’t a necessity. It is a choice. But, you surely would not want a life where you cannot afford medical expenses. Right? 

Apart from that workaholic is about working. It is about loving to work. It has in anyways nothing to do with money. If you work your ass off you are sure to get paid automatically.

Let us see some characteristics of a workaholic:

You Love What You Do

The first and foremost thing that matters is satisfaction. How satisfied are you? If you love your work you will never feel that stress. In fact, once I ended up saying someone – “I love that stress”. Needless to say, he was perplexed. 

What I meant was at times I love that heated up situation where things might not be going well, or maybe I have content to be delivered and the client is already on my head. Every time there is a new problem there is stress-but it is more like a new challenge which makes me feel energized.

 How Enthusiastic are you?

Well, you must be skilled and talented to do your job. But, how much do you really feel like putting into the work? Are you excited about what you do? Well, enthusiasm is the only thing that will keep you motivated and inspired to work more and achieve more.

Workaholics are hardworking

Like I said talent matters but how much effort do you really put in your work is what helps to get results. Workaholics are extremely dedicated to their works. They really know how to work hard. We do not mind if we have to work past working hours. In fact, We would really jump on to our task at any time of the day. We deal with every task with complete enthusiasm. 

Workaholics are passionate and they excel in their careers

I believe workaholics are driven by a passion for their work. Hard work combined with passion is the thing that can make one successful. Workaholics do not stop until and unless their mission is accomplished. Till the time we get results we put in equal efforts. As a result, we can achieve more in a short span of time. As we are ready to invest the time we understand our work even better. The professional success which is driven by passion is often attained rapidly compared to others. 

However, it is nothing like you need to be a workaholic to achieve more. That’s not the case. 

It is just that workaholics are addicted to work – and the rest of the world seems to fall into place by itself while I still work. 

So, does being a workaholic has no side effects?

Well here is the catch. Working long hours does not bring you any closer to your goals if you really do not like what you do. I have seen people working hours and hours stressing themselves. That is disgusting. You would neither be productive nor will you be at any peace at the end of the day. Even worse you will be affecting your health very badly. 

To be honest, being a workaholic does have some side effects. But, what matters is how you deal with it. Health is something we are most concerned about. 

Few Side Effects and Ways to Deal With Them

Here are a few side effects and the ways you can deal with it. 

  • If you can work late hours and then have a peaceful sleep for around 8 to 9 hours you are good to start over again. 
  • Working continuously for few days in a week without any breaks other than mealtime and sleep time will wear you out. Take little breaks – when you can maybe check some mails while listening to songs. That will balance it out.
  • Get ample sleep. Your eyes and body need to rest to be more efficient. 
  • Take out a little time for sports, outdoor activities, or exercise. Personally I am not very fond of exercise. That is why I take some time for outdoor activities. Once again I choose something that I would love to do. That does help me to be fit.
  • At times go on a vacation. I would never say – stop working. Because I really cannot stop working. Maybe at times, I should (but that does not happen). You must be wondering your partner would be irritated by seeing you working on a vacation. Right? 

Well, I try to keep it low. The days of vacations are when I prioritize exploring work. That means I keep my work schedule really light. Maybe I check on a couple of messages, reply to a few emails, follow up with some clients, or just check with my team at the end of the day. But in no way and not even for a day do I cut off work. 

Most of all working hard does not make me fall sick- neither physically nor mentally. Everything has a side effect just like this one. If you know how to deal with it there can be nothing that can stop you. 

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