How Does Mental Health Affect the Look of Your Face

Mental health Affects on face

Mental health affects our lives in a number of ways – more than we can even imagine. Did you ever wonder if your skin is being affected because of your mental health? 

The mental state of a person helps to determine the facial expression and body language. A person when depressed shows signs of depression.  With an increased level of anxiety, depression our face muscles seem to change as well. They develop tension and as a result, our facial expressions do change with time. A person suffering from insomnia would develop dark circles. A depressed person might show signs of the hollow cheek or dry lips because of malnutrition or dehydration. While in some cases it is easy to figure how in most cases we do not even think about it. 

Let us look at the different ways by which our mental health can affect our skin:


Mental health is one of the reasons that can make you look older. Cortisol accelerates the aging process. You can develop patches and wrinkles because of mental imbalance. Due to an increased level of cortisol, the production of anti-aging hormone decreases. If you still think that cosmetic products would help reverse the aging process then stop believing it today. The first and foremost thing that matters to your skin is a peaceful and clean mind. It is not always the food you have or the quantity of water that you consume. The reason for skin problems can be as simple as anxiety or stress. 

The Solution?

If you are stressing out or feeling anxious then you need to calm down and relax. First of all, try to find out the cause of your stress. Mental health treatments such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are really proved to be beneficial. Meditation is another useful option as it can help you relax. 


Acne is a very common problem among teenagers. We all had those painful days dealing with acne. Anxiety can be one cause of acne. Due to inflammation, the production of cortisol increases. The sebaceous glands of our body produce thick and sticky oil to which the dead skin sticks. As a result, the pores get blocked. Breakouts become common due to increased bacterial growth. 

While we are often confused about what causes acne most of us seem to ignore our mental health. It is true that mental health can result in acne and affect your skin very badly. 

Not just acne or aging but dark circles, looking dehydrated and pale skin or dry skin can also be the result of mental health. If you think that your work is stressful it will affect your physical and mental health. This is true! 

Did you ever look at yourself while you were on a vacation or you had a long holiday? Did you look tired? Does your face show unlikely signs of stress? That’s quite unlikely. If you can relax and keep your mind calm that will reflect on your skin and your face. You will have that glow intact on your skin.

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