How can tags on youtube help to get more views and subscribers?

views and subscribers in youtube

Do you know about tags on youtube? If you have recently started out with your youtube channel and do not know much about tags then we will get you covered. 

You can easily improve your youtube videos ranking and even the number of views in a very short duration. In fact, the number of youtube subscribers will also increase. We often do ignore these tags in youtube. But let us know a bit more about tags before we learn about its benefits. 

What is a tag?

Tags are quite similar to keywords in blogging or website. If you know about the importance of keywords in a blog then you have definitely understood what you are missing here. These tags help locate the searches online. If people are searching for a particular keyword that has been used as a hashtag in your video then there are high chances of it being displayed in the search results. 

For example: If you have a tutorial on the importance of SEO then you can write tags such as “the importance of SEO”, “improve ranking with SEO”. 

Know how to write a tag

At times YouTubers tag certain irrelevant keywords which has nothing to do with their video content. It is essential to keep the title, description, tags relevant to the content of your data. Trying to use other trending words as tags or in the description can, in turn, deteriorate the ranking of your youtube content. 

Few Tips Regarding Tags in Youtube

Given the competition, it is difficult to get views. A lot of YouTubers are making videos on the same niche. As a result of this chances are really low that your video will rank. So here are a few tips and tricks regarding tags in youtube.

  • Firstly try and choose a micro-niche for your youtube content. These are basically those topics which are not readily available on the internet. If you talk about something different chances are high that you will get an increased number of views. 
  • Google and find out the relevant keywords to your youtube content. Once you can trace the keywords simply use them as tags in your youtube channel.
  • While you include tags never add up anything which is irrelevant.
  • Try to focus on long-tail keywords like “how to “, “best tips and tricks on”, “guide to”. These do help you to improve ranking in youtube.
  • Next, you must add your channel name as one of the tags in your content. That will help people know more about your channel. As the popularity of your channel grows soon you will get to see a number of likes. In a while, the total number of youtube subscribers will increase as well. 

I hope these little tricks be of help to you. Try them out and see how your channel grows. There are a lot of things which needs to be taken into account while you want to grow your channel. It is not easy and is not possible in a day. You need to put in real effort and work really hard to reach that level. 

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