Does scoring well in exam really matters?

Does scoring well in exam really matters

Well yes, scoring well really matters. Given our education system and the society to which we belong somehow or the other, it affects us. There are a lot of other things that have some effect on why marks matter or why the degree is important. Such as our economy, our society, the educational system, and many more affects the choices we make when it comes to education.

Well you must be wondering the top billionaire’s and the top known famous people in the world are dropouts. So, it can be you as well. Ain’t it? But if you think it is possible then won’t we all had our chances? 

The possibility of this happening is very low. You actually dnot know how it would be or how it would turn out to be. I won’t say it depends on your luck to decide how successful you can be in ur life. This is because it is more about hard work and patience than anything else. And yes “talent” does matter.

These succesful milliionaires such as Mark zuckergburg, steve jobs and bill agtes were dropputs. However there are a few points to be note here. These extraa ordinary men had received their education right from the begnning at the best of places. Dropping out from Harvard seems like what? The term dropput may demean the whole thing but wait for a second. How many people in this world can actually go to harvard for higher education? 

Well frankly many of us donot have the ability to even get into such a place so someone quitting would surely already have much more talent and skills that we posses..

Moreover in a country such as india would that really work? We have a huge population. There is already a scarcity of jobs and a huge demand for education. Poverty and other problems are major issues that the country deals with every now and then. 

To get a job degree and marks are really important. If you think that you can drop out and do seomethin better then let me be hoest. Chances are really low. It will be more like a fools take on such risks. Our ecnomy is affected by us. We and our society does care about marks. The market and any job industry as welll runs because of how well students perform.

It is quite unfortunate tat unline other countries marks do matter. Our government, our system our ecoonomcy everythig prioritses the need for marks. Can you sit for a government examiation if you donot have the desired qualifications? That’s enough a proof of how impotant it is in our country.

Similarly when freshers are recruited or when anyone is appointed for any kind of job the most important thing or the basic criteria is a degree and a cut off marks. This is bascially to filter from such a huge base of talented people. 

You might just say that you possess a lot of skills. Maybe it is true. You indeed do possess. But just for a second think about the other similar ones like you who are equally talented. As a result, the competition is super high. 

In such situations, the need for a proper degree with good marks is mandatory to start on a wonderful track. It is quite unfortunate as we know that marks can be no way to judge someone’s talents or skills. 

But this is how it is. Change does not happen in a day and it will take a while for the scenario to change in our country. IT might be a slow but gradual process. So, you not even know if you will live to see such a change in the education system. As a result instead of waiting the best thing to do is to prepare well n try and score well.

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