Did You Visit These Restaurants In Istanbul?

Istanbul has some of the most beautiful places to visit. It is one of the most visited places in the world. People are often worried about the terrorism threats that pertain to Istanbul. However, every year a number of tourists visit the place.  If some parts of Istanbul are avoided then it is completely safe to visit these Restaurants in Istanbul.

Today, we are listing out some of the top and well-known restaurants in Istanbul that you must visit. 

Kuleli Yakamoz Fish Restaurant

Kuleli Yakamoz Fish Restaurant, Istanbul

The restaurant is known for its calm and peaceful atmosphere. It is a perfect place for romantic gateways. Onne of the most visited fish restaurants in the place, it is situated next to the Kuleli Military High School. It can be a special location for those who would want to spend a night enjoying the beauty. Though the restaurant is famous for the various kind of seafood in its menu there is an option of chicken and red meat as well. You would need a reservation if you are visiting for business or any event.

Sunset Grill and Bar Restaurant

Sunset Grill and Bar Restaurant, Istanbul

This one is not just an ordinary bar. The Restaurant is one of the first to add a sushi bar. The restaurant has created its brand name coz of its quality and standard. It has maintained its standard for over a period of time in the same way. The restaurant has its own herbs. It produces herbs in the garden and has its own collection of wine. They are said to present some of the best dishes in town. It’s not just the food, quality, and hospitality that is amazing but the surrounding view as well. 

360 Istanbul Restaurant

360 Istanbul Restaurant, Istanbul

360 Istanbul is one of the most visited restaurants in Istanbul. It is named so as it offers a complete 360-degree view of the entire city. This place is very trendy and famous nightspot. They have a range of exotic dishes to offer their visitors. The live music and DJ will keep you on your heels the entire time. The overall atmosphere is amazing and it gets even better as the night gets darker.

Loti Cafe and Roof Lounge Restaurant

Loti Cafe and Roof Lounge Restaurant

The roof lounge has some outstanding food on its menu. It is one of the most visited restaurants in Istanbul. If you are looking for restaurants in Istanbul then this is a great choice. Many visitors claim that they have the best steak in the town. Also, the hospitality is really heart touching. The people running the place would make you feel comfortable and enjoy your time. People believe this is an amazing place and almost 8 out of 10 said they would visit the place again when they come to Istanbul.

Vogue Restaurant, Istanbul

Vogue Restaurant, Istanbul

This is the exact sight that you will get to see from the rooftop restaurant of the place. Vogue is a well-known brand that is famous for its classic and modern style of presentation and decor. You can have the ultimate dining experience here. It will surely be once in e lifetime kind of an experience for you. The staff along with the food they offer is awesome. You can enjoy a wide range of cuisine in this place. The price is affordable and the food is fantastic. A lot of visitors recommend this place.

Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower, Istanbul

The picture can itself tell you how beautiful this place can be. It looks completely like an island in the middle of the sea. There are a number of stories revolving around this wonderful place in Istanbul. It is the perfect place for a romantic candlelight dinner. The 360 view roof bar gives an amazing view of the entire place. They have a wide range of dishes on their menu. If you are looking for a great meal in an astounding atmosphere then this is the perfect place for you.

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