Did You Know About These Ancient Beauty Secrets?

beauty secrets

Here, I am going to talk about ancient beauty secrets unknown to us. Women are always concerned about their beauty. Well, it is not just now, but for years women have learned to take care of themselves. They have kept no stones unturned to look their best. With every passing year and decades, new styles, fashion trends, and fashion revolution have come up. While some are still followed, there are many which have been lost in the way till now. 

So, let us check out some of these ancient beauty secrets from ancient times. 

Start Sugaring Instead of Waxing


Waxing is a common thing that we all do to keep ourselves clean and pretty. There are different ways by which we can do waxing in modern times. But did you know that waxing is not a smart time thing for women? Women practiced the process of waxing since ancient times. 

Years ago, people from Egypt used to remove hair by a process known as “sugaring.” It is quite similar to waxing. They used melted sugar to remove hair from the root. As a result, the new hair that would grow will be softer. The process of sugaring is straightforward and can be practiced even today. Sugaring is an easy homemade way to follow if one does not have time to go to a salon. 

Sugaring is better than waxing as it is less painful compared to waxing. It is suitable for the skin as it does not stick to the surface or cause irritation at all. 

Treat Acne With Moong Beans

Moong dal

The problem of acne has been lingering since time immemorial. In China, the empress used mung beans to treat acne. The moong bean or mung bean is green in color and is widely available in India and parts of China. The grain is rich in vitamins and protein. As a result, it is easy to make a face mask using these beans. The Chinese used to mush the beans and made a paste of it. They would then apply the paste on their face to cure acne. But be careful if you want to try this beauty secret for yourself. Always use fresh and organic beans as you will be applying it to your skin. 

Rose Water

rose water

We all know about rose water. But did you know it is an ancient beauty secrets? In ancient Egypt, women used rose water. In face cream to perfumes, rose water was used me almost all beauty products. The moisturizing property is very beneficial, which is why it is used in various products.

Saffron Oil

saffron oil

Saffron oil can be used in many products. In ancient days Cleopatra was said to use saffron in her milk bath. One can mix coconut oil with a pinch of saffron and apply it on the face. Then rinse it away. It has terrific benefits.

Mint leaves

Mint Leaves

It is said that ancient Chinese people used mint leaves as a part of their beauty regime. This is another ancient beauty secrets which you can try. Mint leaves can enhance the glow of the skin. It is cheap and the best cost-effective beauty secret. The mint leaves can be smashed and then applied on the face. Even modern Chinese women make face masks of mint honey and turmeric and apply on the skin.



It is one of the best moisturizing products. Again Cleopatra used honey to make her skin smoother. It is also possible to make a mixture of castor oil and honey and then apply it on hair to keep it soft and silky. While I am sure, it is not unknown to many of us. We all know that honey can be used for both hair and skincare. You can try mixing cream and honey and then apply the mixture on your face. Once the mask settles down on your skin, rinse it off after 10 minutes. You will be amazed to see the change.

Sea Salt

sea salt

Sea salt is high as a scrub. It can be used to remove dead skin. Ancient Japanese women used sea salt in their beauty regime to help keep skin young and reduce fat. Combine two spoons of sea salt and whipped cream. Massage the mixture on your skin and rinse it off.

Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut is a common ingredient in body lotion. South Asian women used coconut oil for years. They use it on their hair. It is handy for hair. It makes it look healthy, smooth, and shiny. You can massage coconut oil on your hair before getting in the shower. 

Jade Roller

jade roller

Ancient women believed jade roller helped point on acupressure points. Using the jade roller, they thought it would improve blood circulation in the skin and make one look young and healthy. To this day, Chinese women use these as they believe it can help get rid of wrinkles, tighten the skin, and get free of toxins. It is effortless to use – you have to roll it upwards and downwards all over your face. This one is cheap and easy. So, you can give this a shot.

Cabbage Leaves

cabbage leaves

It sounds strange, but one of the ancient secrets is cabbage leaves. Years ago, women used these to help eliminate inflammation and pain as a result of a baby nursing. They would cut out cold cabbage leaves and press it in areas that are inflamed. Once kept for 20 minutes, it helps to get rid of the pain. This old method is used today. 



It is rich in sugar, potassium, and other minerals. It is not just suitable for eating, but it can also be used in different ways. Bananas can be used to make face masks as well. You can make a mask out of it and apply it on your face. Let it sit on your skin for around 20 minutes and then rinse it off. Banana peels can be used to press on areas of the skin which might be bitten by an insect. 

Most of these are ancient beauty secrets that involve the use of natural products. Unlike today when we use all chemical products, these old natural products are better than any other option. These beauty secrets won’t give you results instantly. It is a matter of time. You need to follow a certain beauty regime for days and only then will you be able to see visible differences in your skin. If you have tried any of these let me know how it worked out for you.

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