Did you know about the Human-Like bat?

Human-Like bat

Recently a picture of a human-like bat has been going viral. While bats are common in all parts of the world but these also known as flying foxes are not very common all over the world. Also, known as a fruit bat, a capture of a huge fruit bat in the Philippines has been doing the rounds in social media. 

A person in the Philippines had spotted one such fruit bat in his backyard. The way the photo has been captured makes it look larger than it is in reality. It is definitely not like the image portrays. They are not even close to the size of a human. The largest of species would extend till 30 centimeters in length. 

No doubt, the bat is real. In some, it was described as a giant golden flying fox but it does not look like that from the picture. 

However, the golden-crowned flying fox is the largest bat species in the entire world. Belonging to the family of megabats they are found in parts of Africa, and even Oceania. 

In the Philippines, these megabats have threatened species as they lose their habitat and are killed by humans. Unlike various movies where these bats are linked with vampires or blood-sucking, they are simple nocturnal beings who feast on fruits. They prefer living in the treetops. 

The bats are very important for our ecosystem just like any other animal or bird. They not only help in pollination but helps to control spread of pests.

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