China confirms cases of Bubonic Plague

China has confirmed cases of Bubonic Plague in the inner region of Mongolia. The most deadly pandemic in human history – Bubonic Plague.

The case was confirmed by the municipal authorities in the northwest region of Beijing. Warning for plague prevention has been spread across the regions. Bubonic plague is one form of a plague that caused pain, swollen and lymph nodes, fever, and coughing. The concerned health authorities are asking people to take proper precautions and to help reduce the risks of human transmission. Eating animals and hunting and skinning has been asked to ban. There is a risk of the plague spreading in the city. Because of this, people have been asked to be careful.

The authorities have warned to report about any dead or sick marmots (a kind of ground squirrel eaten in some parts of China) and which is known to cause plague outbreaks in various regions.

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