Data Science is Shaping the Future: See How?

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Top micro niches

Top Micro Niche Ideas For Your Website That Can Help You Earn Dollars

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views and subscribers in youtube

How can tags on youtube help to get more views and subscribers?

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videos in YouTube

Know the Factors That Can Help Rank Videos on Youtube

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Antibiotic Resistance

Rise of Antibiotic Resistance might be a trouble

It is not just the COVID – 19 pandemics that we should be worried about. The rise in antibiotic resistance is trouble and alarming. There has been an increase in the “superbugs”... Read more »
Multiverse and Parallel Universe

Did You Know About Multiverse and Parallel Universe?

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Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19

Top 5 Skills to Make a Career Post COVID-19

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Top Programming Language 2020 That are in Demand

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Govt Banned Chinese Apps: See List of Apps

The Indian government has banned 59 Chinese Apps, including many popular apps such as Tiktok. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the safety of the users from India. Government of India took the decision under section 69A of the Information Technology Act... Read more »
Google meet is adding a new feature of blurring the background and low light mode in video calls

Google meet is adding a new feature of blurring the background and low light mode in video calls

The Meet was integrated with Gmail adding a sidebar link and making the meeting of 100 people possible. There are no time limits, and anyone with a google account can enjoy the... Read more »