Best Tips to celebrate Raksha Bandhan amidst lockdown


You must be wondering how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan amidst lockdown this year. The year 2020 has changed a lot. We never expected a pandemic to happen even in our wildest dreams. This year has been crazy. 

However, just like we are fighting corona, we know how to keep ourselves motivated and not to miss any opportunity to celebrate. Especially the days of the festival are crucial to us. But, I am sure most of you are confused and might be still jotting down points as to how you can make this rakhi awesome. 

So, today I am going to share some tips to celebrate Raksha Bandhan amidst lockdown. I hope you guys like my ideas. Please do try it and let me know how it worked out for you.

Online Gifts

online gifts

How happy would your sister be to receive gifts online while being at home? You might just miss seeing that smile on her face. Does she like dresses, Chocolates, or Dry fruits? Doesn’t matter. You can easily order any of it. Various online eCommerce stores are already offering a lot of options for rakhi gifts. I am sure you will be overwhelmed with choices. Don’t let this lockdown lock your fun because if you want you can have a blast with your brother, sisters or your cousins. The fun even escalates further with gifts. 

Same goes for sisters as well. You can easily order some rakhis to your brother. It will be delivered safely to your brother. Send them your love and blessings securely to their homes.

Plan a virtual lunch get together

virtual lunch

Well, with the new normal coming into action a lot of things are changing around us. So, why not the way we celebrate? While you are doing your classes online and working from home, why can’t you have an online hangout with your siblings? Sounds fun, right? Well, sure it does!

Call up your cousins, siblings and plan out a perfect time when all of you can sit together and spend some time. In fact, you all can have lunch or dinner together. It would seem very real. Plan a great menu. Do your parts and once done all of you can sit together and enjoy a great dinner or lunch. 

Make a rakhi and gifts by your own

Make rakhi at home

Well, if you do not want to order rakhi or gifts for your close ones, then you can make them at home. Does your brother love your homemade cake? Do you want to gift him rakhi and cards which you have made? 

Yes, you can do that. You can contact a delivery person, and you can quickly get your things delivered to your dear one’s place. Several agencies offer delivery with care. Simply place your order and the agent will come to your home, pick up the things and deliver it to your provided address.

Send virtual gift cards

You can easily send virtual gift cards to your brothers and sisters. These days online wish messages, online cards, e-cards, and even beautiful infographics are available. You can make one or ask someone to make one for you. Deliver it to your siblings. I am sure they would love it.

Make videos or collages using childhood pictures

Do you miss the childhood days that you had spent with your siblings? Well, this is the best time when you can refresh those memories. Simply make a collage or a beautiful video with all those pictures from your childhood rakhis. Share it or present it during a virtual hangout. celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your entire family as all enjoy your little creativity.

Love hanging out with your bro? Plan out some time to spend with him

Do you like hanging out with your bro? Seriously! You must be missing those games you were planning for this time. But do not worry! You can keep your plans indoor this time. Call up your siblings and get on an online match with them. There are millions of online games, video games, computer games. Take out some time and enjoy playing virtual games with your loved ones. 

Do not forget to deck up

Well, we all love dressing up. Clothes are essential in fact a crucial part of any festival. Did you already get the dress your brother had sent? Wow, that’s great then. Why don’t you wear it on Raksha Bandhan? Well, you will be meeting all your relatives virtually so you can deck up a bit. 

No excuses! Don’t you wear formals when you have to sit for a virtual meeting or a virtual class? You do, right? Well, then you are definitely wearing something beautiful this Raksha Bandhan.

Celebrate with the people around you

Raksha Bandhan Images

It is not always mandatory to have your brothers and sisters near you. Maybe you are really not looking around. Have you seen those people around you whom you often address as “bhaiyya” and they are a part of your daily life? 

Don’t you think they deserve some love and respect as well? Make something special and share it with those “bhaiyyas” in your society, in your area which helps you with laundry, security, shopping, electrical works, car servicing. It can be anything. I am sure there are a lot of people in yoru society who is always there to help you with work. Right? Then why don’t you make this day a bit special for them when you have the power to do so. A little smile on their face is going to make your Raksha Bandhan the best one you ever had. Trust me! The feeling of spreading love and happiness is more than what anyone can ask for. Moreover, given the time we are going through, it is the need of the hour. 

I know virtual things cannot make up to what we do in our real life. But, Raksha bandahn is a very pure and holy festival. It is when you pray for the well being of your brothers and sisters. During this time for the safety of our loved ones – our family, our brothers and sisters, we must compromise and have fun indoors. A little sacrifice on everyone’s part would yet keep us all safe and happy. 

So these were my ideas to celebrate Raksha Bandhan amidst lockdown for this year. I hope you all liked the ideas. Do try out some of these. I am super excited and already counting days. If you guys have some more points to add on, then please comment below. I would love to add one some more points to my list of ideas. I wish you all a very happy and safe Raksha Bandhan. 

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