List of Top American Food That You Will Love to Eat

Top American Food

Today we are going to talk about top American food. The states have given us some of the unforgettable food dishes which have become a part of our daily life. Thinking a life without such dishes might be impossible for many of us. Standing on the streets and gobbling burgers? Sounds like you? Been to a restaurant and ordered the same mac and cheese? The dishes have become an integral part of our diet. 

Many of us may not be familiar with the food items originating from America. Let us take a look at the famous American dishes. These have made it’s way to the other countries and has gained popularity. 



Who doesn’t like burgers? Just thinking of the juicy patty in a fresh bun with lettuces and cheese makes us salivate. But do you know that the burgers which you so happily gobble down where ever you go is an American dish? It is present on the menu of nearly every American restaurant just like other countries. With customized toppings such as mustard, mayonnaise, caramelized onions, and medium-rare cooked meat, you can order the burger of your wish. 

Apple Pie: 

Apple Pie

Have you ever eaten apple pie? If not then you are missing a good opportunity. Well, the combination of buttery pastry, sugar and tangy apples sliced into pieces produces a divine dessert that should never be missed out. People telling pecan or key lime is better is basically lying as nothing can be compared to the taste of an apple pie- sweet, buttery with a bit of tart. 

Chicken and waffles: 

Chicken and Waffles

No one could have ever thought that combining a waffle stack with fried chicken can produce a heavenly sweet-savory breakfast dish. It is a heavenly delight that you can never miss. Though the combination sounds rather unique. No doubt the taste of the crispy fried chicken with the sweet waffles would transport you to the gates of heaven. You would be surprised to know but this weird combination of chicken and waffles was originated in America. 

Hot Dogs: 

Hot dogs

Many of us loves hot dog. Thanks to the Americans that we have this item on our menu. But, it is a basic American dish with a hot dog sandwiched between a bun. Well, it is then garnished with some ketchup and mustard. In fact, you may also add some mayonnaise, cheese, chili, and onions. A hot dog is like a sausage that is steamed or grilled and is pressed between a sliced bun. 



Have you ever eaten croissants or doughnuts? Well though these items are not produced by Americans an item made by their mingle has originated from America. Cronut made by crossing a croissant with a doughnut has become one of the most popular snacks. It is well known not only in America but all over the world. Cronut is made using proofed dough which is fried at a controlled temperature in grape seed oil. It is sugared, filled, and glazed to be served to the customers. The crispiness of croissants mixed with the sugary goodness of doughnuts makes it a perfect snack. 

Mac and Cheese: 

mac and cheese

Macaroni and cheese- the name itself says the item would be cheesy and creamy. It is the most common American food and is downright divine. The casserole baked in the oven is too delicious to be true. You can make your own versions of mac and cheese as it is one of the most experimented items. Add different cheeses to make the best-flavored mac and cheese. For more flavors top it off with Parmesan. 



Are you a meat lover? Do you love waking to the smell of sausages? Well, then you must know that sausages originated in America. The staple is made using dried sage with various spices and herbs. It can be used with apples, cabbages, tomatoes, onions, and even mustards. Sausages can be prepared easily and give you and your family a luxurious and hearty breakfast. Devouring sausages early in the morning or on a Sunday brunch would be the best way to start your day. 



One of the most common American food at breakfast is pancakes. With many variations in the ingredients, there are many versions of the pancake. Flapjacks or pancakes which they are normally called are typically flat cakes that are thin and round. They are prepared on a hot surface using starch-based butter. You can top it off with many seasonings. Simply add fruits, bacon, chocolate sauce, egg but the most commonly used is maple syrup. Trust me you can never go wrong with a mound of fluffy pancakes. 



As the name suggests you can’t get enough of this gooey, sweet and melty dessert. Who would have thought so? Roasted marshmallows with a touch of chocolate, when pressed between graham crackers, can be so mind-blowing.  This is a simple dessert but is warm and mouth-watering. When you are going on a family vacation pack some of these goodies to munch under the stars. Once you have it you would never get enough of its taste. 

Buffalo Wings: 

Buffalo Wings

If you are a lover of hot and spicy American food then you must have tried buffalo wings. Were you aware that this dish has been originated from America? Well, it is the cuisine of the United States. It is one of the popular food items not only among Americans but all over the world. Buffalo wing is an unbreaded chicken wing. It is made by deep-frying chicken and coating it with vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce. It is topped with melted butter before serving. 



When asking for desserts one of the most common choices among us is the creamy, divine cheesecakes. One taste of this heavenly dish makes the other sweets seem blatant. The dessert melts in our mouths and transports us to heaven with its tastes. It is prepared by topping the buttery biscuits with cream cheese and herbs. You may season it with some fruits, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, or nuts. This item will surely leave you longing for more. 

Chocolate chip cookies: 

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who does not like cookies and chocolates? But, when both of this awesomeness is mixed together what we get, is a crunchy, sweet, chocolaty snack which you would never forget once you get the taste of it. If you love cookies bake yourself a batch of chocolate chip cookies. A dose of chocolate will lift up your mood when you are sad. It would even make your tiring and exhausting day a little better. It is made by adding chocolate chips to the butter cookies. 

Whether you have a sweet tooth or is a fan of spicy, you can find many American food dishes. Most of these you have tasted at least once in your life. There are many items which originated due to the experiments of the American chefs in their kitchens. Take a look at the list and find the dishes which you have not eaten and go try it. We are sure you wouldn’t be disappointed with the change in your tastes.

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