5 High Paying Work From Home Jobs That You Must Try

Work from home jobs : blogging and youtube

Today I am going to talk about work from home options. Gone are those days when becoming an engineer, doctor, lawyer, or a CA were the only options to build a great career. With the revolutionary changes and upgradation of internet technologies, today, we are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a career. 

Things are pretty straightforward and affordable now. We have a lot of options to choose from. A number of these jobs can be pursued while sitting back at home. I, myself, am a freelancer, and I can tell you it is worth it. You can have a great lifestyle by working right from the comfort of our home. 

However, I am going to talk about such options which will help you change your life. You will get to afford a decent living standard. It is not just something you can do for some extra cash or as a side income. You can actually earn a lot and make a standard living.

Instead of wasting further time, let us see the various options you can decide which work from home job would suit you the best. 

Online Tutor: Work From Home Job

Online Education: Be an online tutor

There are several online websites and applications built to improve the approach of education. Various ed-tech companies are coming up with brilliant strategies to change the way we impart knowledge to young ones. Almost every such company focuses on teaching academic subjects in a modern way.

It does not involve teaching using board and pen but by using several online tools and smart procedures. Tutors are trained to help provide expert assistance to students. Such portals don’t need to work for only school students. Several such portals provide incredible tailor-made content to university students, school students, and even professional workers. 

But how can it help you earn? Well, you can apply to teach from home in one such online platform. The ed-tech industry is still growing, and this is the best time you can grab the opportunity. Most of these centers offer home-based teaching options and complete training to tutors along with study materials.

You just have to be an expert in a particular subject, and the rest will be taken care of by the company. Whether you are a graduate or a post-graduate or an expert professional, this option is open. In fact, housewives can apply as well if they are looking to work as per their flexibility. 

You will just need a proper internet connection and a device such as a tab or a laptop to work on Every course is designed by the company creators which needs to be delivered to the student by the online tutors. As a tutor, you can make something around 30k per month as a full-timer or 15k as a part-timer.  

Some common examples – Byjus, Vedantu, Lido, iTutor, Udemy, Coursera, and many more. 

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Content Writer

Content writing or content marketing: best work from home

The next option is writing. If you love writing, then there are various ways by which you can earn from writing. The most common way is freelance content writing. As a freelancer, you will have to write content for companies or individuals. The primary job of a content writer is to curate a great piece of content based on the client’s requirement. It can be anything starting from finance, technology, fashion, lifestyle, and many more. 

As a freelancer, you can sign up on several freelancing websites such as Fiverr, freelancer. In, Upwork and others. All you need to do is write content as per the topic provided to you. Payments are usually done monthly or based on per project. You can talk to your client as per your suitability. 

As a freelancer, the best thing is you can work from home as per your flexibility. If you can manage to multitask, then work from home is the best option for you. In case you are very productive and love working extra hours, then content writing can be one option.

It does not matter if you are a student or a housewife or a working professional. If you want to start your career as a content writer, then research a bit about how it works, try to figure out what you need to know before you start looking for work.

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Do blogging to work from home

Another work from home job to earn is by blogging. You would simply have to create a website from scratch. Even if you do not have any knowledge, you cand develop a website. There are many platforms, such as Wix and WordPress, which can help you build a website without having any prior experience.

Once your website is up, you can start writing content. You can decide what you want to write on. It can be fashion or beauty or technology. There are a lot of options. Blogging is a perfect option, and many bloggers are already making a lot every month. All you need to know is this is a time-consuming process. It is not like you can start earning right away. 

You can make lakhs and lakhs every month. There are many other ways by which you can become a writer. You can check various social media platforms where people share thoughts and reviews for platforms or products. 

Once you become famous, you might be approached by other companies to promote their brand. If you love visiting new places or love exploring fresh foods, you can become a reviewer. Once your reviews start getting more and more views, you will be paid to promote their brands.

These are upcoming trends in the market. But the best thing about all this is that you can be at home and earn. However, you will not be able to make the right amount at the beginning. One must have patience and spend time regularly to provide some content. I can assure you that over time your website will do really well. 


Work from Home: Become a Youtuber

This is another option. Being a YouTuber can help you earn the right amount of money. You can surely have a full business by becoming a YouTuber. We all know how it works. You simply need to make videos and then upload them on youtube. Once you upload them, your videos can be monetized with advertisements. So, over time as people visit your channel, and the views increase the demand increases.

A lot of brands are looking to spend more on youtube marketing. It is already a great industry. You really need to be enthusiastic about what you want to share with people. There are many choices, and you need to figure out something that you would love to make a video on. It is recommended that you choose a domain of your expertise. It can be anything like teaching, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or anything else.

Initially, to make proper videos, you can start off with your phone or a tab. Once you are doing well, you can upgrade your equipment. There is absolutely no need to start off by buying expensive hardware. What matters is what you are sharing. 

This is, once again, a slow process. You can earn a lot over time, but initially, you won’t make anything at all. So at least for a year or so make your mind spend your time putting your effort and only then you can see some results. If you are mentally set to spend or invest the time, then that’s awesome. Famous bloggers easily make 6 figures by YouTubing.

Instagram Influencer

Work from home: Ins
tagram influencer

Influencers make money by creating and sharing content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. One can make money by creating content and then receiving a commission as per sales. A flat fee can be availed for a partnership or a sponsorship program. It basically depends on the agreement you make with the client or the company. You can promote the products of the company or promote brands. You can also sell your own products and share your reviews about specific companies or products you had purchased. 

A person should have around 1000 to 5000, and even more followers in social media account to become an influencer. Instagram influencers who have more than 10k followers make about 80 dollars per post. Others can make more than 200 dollars per job. So, it all depends on the kind of account you have and how well you maintain it to socialize with people. 

Author’s Note:

I have tried some of these work from home options, and no wonder it worked great for me. You can choose one of these and try it for yourself. There is no harm in trying as these don’t require any such investment. If you are ready to invest your time and energy, then go for it! 

Let me know in the comment section below if you would like to share any other WFH options that you are aware of…!!

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